It is well known that creativity knows no bounds. Time and again, we come across creative works from around the world and from a variety of disciplines, including marketing, advertising, design, and photography, which impress and inspire us and which we would like to show you.

This digital poster wall for McDonald’s uses real-time weather data and displays the current temperature with a picture of the most appropriate McCafé drink.
Lürzer’s Archiv Nr. 01-2017, S. 48, Archive Nr: 1.1703


Advertising can exaggerate. Advertising should surprise. Advertising must entertain. These adverts meet all three requirements.

Aus “Volkswagen Golf GTD – Ice cream” mqdefault

Aus “…with Mom and the little kids?”        mit Mutti und den Kleinen
This commercial ist almost 10 years old, but we still think that it’s really great.