How do you achieve an unmistakable presence in the banking and stock exchange environment?

The Deutsches Aktieninstitut with its registered office in Frankfurt, Berlin and Brussels represents German business interested in the capital market. Its 200 or so members are stock corporations listed on the stock exchange, banks, stock exchanges, investors and other important market participants.

The image worlds in financial communication are frequently confusingly similar: Modern architecture with a lot of glass and chrome, business people in discussion, conference and customer situations. The new presence of the Deutsches Aktieninstitut wanted to differentiate itself from these interchangeable image worlds.

We proposed an illustrative implementation of statements and topics – colourful, friendly, surprising. The autonomous character of the illustrations is unusual for the world of finance and thus guarantees attention. The enormous flexibility with which capital market topics can be implemented in symbolic form and transferred to all communication media facilitates a prompt and low-cost implementation of new motifs. Time-consuming and expensive photo shootings are no longer necessary, modifications and extensions to the motifs can be easily implemented.

Work started on the image brochure and website – incl. responsive design for mobile devices; a comprehensive company report followed. But existing or regularly new illustrations can also be quickly implemented for specialist brochures, invitations and studies and for roll-ups and umbrellas.

Together with the logo and claim “Kapital. Markt. Kompetenz.” (“Capital. Market. Competence.”) – both also re-developed by us – a corporate design has been developed which is unmistakable in the banking and stock exchange environment.