How to replace an image brochure by a customer magazine?

Customer magazines are the perfect medium to show information about companies, products and topics outside the box. With informative and credible reporting they reach target groups efficiently and sustainably – and support to build up confidence and to stay in contact with the target groups. Also regarding the cost-benefit ratio customer magazines points are great compared to other measures such as ads: You need several advertisements to reach an attention of 20 minutes, because that’s the average reading time of a magazine.

For the eighth year in succession Pantos created and realized the customer magazine an Italian manufacturer of modules for wireless machine-to-machine communication. Meanwhile the magazine is an established medium within the international m2m environment – with a broad range of topics from all fields of machine-to-machine communication: reports from the company, interviews with market experts, case studies from customers and articles from numerous other market participants from all over the world. With such a mixture of topics a customer magazine not only arouses interest for the next edition, but completes or even replaces an image brochure – periodically and especially always up to date.