Configurator for variable medical technology products

The initial situation

The device carriers for medical technology of the manufacturer ITD are complex products with numerous variation options. The depiction of all construction elements and product combinations in a print medium is costly and also requires a laborious and time-consuming search from the client. The error rate due to wrongly selected combinations is high and entails corresponding costs on the side of ITD.

The task was the development of a tool for marketing and sales support in the course of the redesign of the Internet presence. Existing and prospective customers should be able to compile their individual device carrier in 3D view step-by-step from the comprehensive offer of components.

Pantos develops and implements the solution

A self-explanatory navigation and a user-friendly design were the focus of all considerations. Technical gimmicks which only cause confusion for the customer in the application were consciously dispensed with.

Using simple “drag & drop”, a device carrier can be recompiled or a pre-configured product changed according to individual requirements; all system components and accessory parts can be positioned at the required position, changed again or deleted using the mouse. An intelligent plausibility check in the configurator recognises which combinations and positioning are permissible. Save option or dispatch to ITD at the click of a mouse round off the service.

The success speaks for itself

What was primarily intended at the start of the project as purely marketing and sales support has also since developed into a valuable online tool with internal processes. Not only existing and prospective customers use the product configurator for a request; the sales department can also create individual offers quickly and efficiently and supplement them in addition with a complete 3D depiction of the device carrier, whether in indoor sales or at the customer ‘s premises on site. In addition, a version with list prices is available to the global dealer network via a dealer login, which makes the calculation considerably easier. If a customer has opted for a configuration, the data records can be handed over to the order handling and the production at ITD at the press of a button. This makes the order handling more efficient, minimises sources of error and thus saves time and money.

Select base frame.

Select system components via drag & drop and position it.

Choose accessories via drag & drop and position it.

All items are in the parts list, the dimensioning can be checked.

The individual configuration can be saved and loaded with access code again, even a request to the ITD sales can be generated.